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Our First Film

SUPPORT B.A.D. Films and Anointed Cinemas  first short film A SECOND CHANCE This film is being created from the 4th inst...

Sunday, August 6, 2017

A Second Chance to create A SECOND CHANCE

When I share about B.A.D., I always say WE ARE, WE'RE WORKING and WE NEED, when it truly is ME. I am, I'm working, and I need. When I left the state of Wisconsin for various spiritual reasons in November, I didn't expect to be back in Milwaukee; now that I'm here, I'm moving forward in everything God has given me to do.

Here is my second chance at creating A SECOND CHANCE short film. 

The timing is never going to be right if I wait on the RIGHT TIME. Currently working on purchasing a building, and looking for other investment properties for B.A.D. Investors, my time needs to be filled with finishing other projects.

I must get started, again, on the short film, in order to increase the visibility of the B.A.D brand and the CAPABILITIES of Dana Williamson.

Milwaukee Casting Call
August 12th, 10:00 a.m.
Mayfair Community Room (lower level)
Call 414-301-1236 or visit Working with BAD for role information.

I am also looking for a crew! View here for more information on the crew needed.

God bless you and thank you, in advance, for your interest!

Friday, July 28, 2017

The BIG Screen


One thing after another and here we are! Taking on every challenge in everyday. I had to come in and give you an update while working on BIG THINGS behind the scenes (no pun intended). 

We are moving forward with casting for A Second Chance
We are moving forward in purchasing a building to house B.A.D. et al
We are moving forward in hiring staff for B.A.D. et al
We are looking for staff to help at 'because of God productions' B.A.D FILMS and B.A.D. CINEMAS  (we'll break down each category as we do more) 

Let me tell you, the above, is limited as we can't share it all as directed by God, we just can't. 


It all leads to the big screen. It all leads to new faces, prophiction as a real genre and it all leads back to you; the supporters. 

What do I need? I need you to continuously share that we are raising funds to get this film off the ground. We Need: 

Lighting and mics
Software for final product
Film crew
etc etc...

You can imagine what it will cost in the end, but right now.....every LITTLE BIT HELPS. 

Love ya!
Dana Williamson

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Our First Film

SUPPORT B.A.D. Films and Anointed Cinemas

 first short film

This film is being created from the 4th installation of the Damia Willis, FBI book series. This is the background of Damia and how she was asked to leave her hometown and move to Nassau, Bahamas in order to head an organization that would help people in their spirituality. This short film, very similar to the book, is a nontraditional look at being called into ministry. Spiritually, this is my story. I am Damia Willis: divorced, called to nontraditional ministry, not accepted by everyone ridiculed, and emotionally pressed on all sides, I am Damia Willis, the strong willed woman that looks out for everyone not considering my own detriment.
DAMIA_WILLIS_A_SECOND_CHANCE from Dana Williamson on Vimeo.

I am Dana Williamson, author and executive producer of Damia Willis, FBI: A Second Chance. It has taken me eight months to step out, create a script from one book in the series, and seek support from others not in my backyard. I've been writing since I was a teenager but have only released in the Christian fiction genre since 2015. this campaign is vital to me, not only because the funds are needed to go forward, but because people need to see something different than the regular religiousness that is currently given to us. 

Yes, this is my story and I want to share it on the big screen as well as in the pages of a great book. This short film will help me create the Damia Willis, FBI franchise that I had not fathomed over a year ago.