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Friday, July 28, 2017

The BIG Screen


One thing after another and here we are! Taking on every challenge in everyday. I had to come in and give you an update while working on BIG THINGS behind the scenes (no pun intended). 

We are moving forward with casting for A Second Chance
We are moving forward in purchasing a building to house B.A.D. et al
We are moving forward in hiring staff for B.A.D. et al
We are looking for staff to help at 'because of God productions' B.A.D FILMS and B.A.D. CINEMAS  (we'll break down each category as we do more) 

Let me tell you, the above, is limited as we can't share it all as directed by God, we just can't. 


It all leads to the big screen. It all leads to new faces, prophiction as a real genre and it all leads back to you; the supporters. 

What do I need? I need you to continuously share that we are raising funds to get this film off the ground. We Need: 

Lighting and mics
Software for final product
Film crew
etc etc...

You can imagine what it will cost in the end, but right now.....every LITTLE BIT HELPS. 

Love ya!
Dana Williamson

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